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ROCK Charge & Sync Cable Instruction Manual

Rock usb c to usb c black charging cable

Any Phone

Instructions for Caring for Your Rock Charge & Sync Cable:

  1. Carefully unplug: When disconnecting your cable from devices, do so with caution to prevent strain on the Rock cable. Avoid pulling the cable up or down forcefully. Instead, gently hold the connector and pull it straight out to minimise stress on both the cable and your device's port.

  2. Roll gently when not in use: When storing your Rock cable, avoid tightly wrapping it around your hand or any object. Instead, roll it up gently creating loose, circular coils. This helps prevent kinks and reduces strain on the cable's internal wires.

  3. Disconnect when not in use: If at any time your cable is under too much pressure while in use, consider disconnecting it. It's fine to use a device while charging but be mindful not to bend the cable excessively. For example, if you receive a call while charging your phone, gently unplug it if possible or adjust the phone's position to minimise pressure on the connectors. Reducing everyday wear and tear on the connector can greatly extend the cable's lifespan.

  4. Avoid moisture exposure: Moisture can damage cables and other electronics. Keep your cables away from water, humidity, or other liquids that could corrode the connectors or compromise internal components. Always keep your Rock cable dry and away from damp environments, this will help prolong the life of the cable.

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